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Post by Durel on Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:27 pm

Questions about how things are done (ingame)?

Too lazy to google/your google-fu not strong enough?

Ask our local wiseguys... I mean wise guys and have them enlighten you. Maybe. No promises.


Q: How in the blue f* does fusion stuff work, other than the basics?
A: I have no idea. This guy does, however:

Q: How do you know that many numbers by heart and so precisely?
A: I'm just that awesome. Also I have this bookmarked:

Q: How come my heroes don't buy certain items and I also can't suggest them?
A: Heroes will only be interested in the items they can equip. That also includes a level range of +/- 7.
A level 10 Melina would therefore  be interested in level 3-17 items, and being a spellcaster means she buys robes, for example.

Q: How many common items do I need for [quality]?
A: Not counting Mastery and if you go for 100% fuse chance each time: 12 for flawless, 60 for epic, 300 for legendary and 1500 for mythical (here chance drops to 67%).

[this could be YOUR question!]


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